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National Curves Day, Inc. Honors & Experience, officially registered as #THEMETOFPLUS will be celebrated this year over the course of three days. The weekend-long celebration features a series of events where #CurvyBombShells, #DapperBombers, friends, family, onlookers, bystanders, and the plus community(+)y will experience a greater level of bonding, self-awareness, body positivity, inner peace, confidence, love for self and others through EMBRACE, ENCOURAGE, and EMPOWER!



On October 12, 2022, people from around the world will chime in as we celebrate Internationally, National Curves Day with our social media campaign #NCDLove rocking our Red. The festivities are October 12-16, 2022, and attendees from across the US will convene in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area to experience a dynamic panel discussion, a cocktail reception, a Health & Fitness session, a brunch, and much more! The Pinnacle of the weekend will be the 2022 National Curves Day, Inc. Honors & Fashion Experience and this year's theme is LOVE: Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. 

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